Trademark, Brand & IP Protection

To date KnowEm Enterprise has helped everyone from major pharmaceutical manufacturers to high-end fashion companies detect and eliminate over 30,000 cases of brandsquatting and misrepresentation in social media.

Social Media has become the Wild West for cybersquatting, with no regulations or a central control system for taking down names. KnowEm always advises its clients that the best offense is a good defense. That is why KnowEm has developed our Enterprise Dashboard for companies looking to monitor and protect marks across the entire social media webscape.

Our Social Media Trademark Management system is the perfect weapon to have in your tool box to make sure that you do not fall victim to squatting, which can lead to loss of funds, misrepresentation or even slander of your marks.

KnowEm developed a signup service for companies that want to control the trademarks or brand names but do not necessarily want to have a presence on the various social media sites. Our locally trained and located professional staff monitor where your marks have been taken and rate them via various threat levels. In addition to this, every member of our staff which you trust with your social information has undergone a criminal background check and is under a strict NDA with KnowEm. We stay vigilant and on point for you to make sure that your marks are safe.

KnowEm was founded in April of 2009 and since then have successfully helped thousands of individuals, brands and members of the IP community reserve and save their marks across the social web. We are proud to offer the most secure service of its kind available. Unlike the fly by night organizations that have attempted to cash in on this growing problem – KnowEm can state with confidence that the relationships we have built with various social networks as well as our local in-house staff set the bar in this industry.

Schedule a demo today and let us show you how our expertise and level of monitoring can assist your organization in protecting your name in social media.